…And so the feral roamed throughout the venting beneath the floors, making awful noises meant to scare. The squatters swore he was the rattlesnake; but Marisol knew: “No way. That rattler was eaten by the king snake ages ago; stupid squatters. I’ll let that cat be,” she whispered to the dog. “As long as he don’t bother me.”

Anza, CA. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney

Little Crabby lay low, nestled deep inside the conch, as bare feet splashed through the shallows, making noise more thunderous (from Little Crabby’s perspective) than the great ocean itself.

St. Marks Wildlife Preserve. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney

Aldo the Armadillo toddled across the asphalt road and skipped onto the sidewalk, ignoring the shoes of walking man, who had to stop and wait while Aldo passed. Aldo cared nought. He was on his way to the clover bed and only thought about food.

Louisiana. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney

Rain, rain, rain and more and more rain. ///////// Rain makes the flowers grow, dontcha know?

Tallahassee. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney


*♡~!☆!~♡* Happiest of Birthdays, Sunshine Child *♡~!☆!~♡* You are So Loved!

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"Well, life IS beautiful, no matter what YOU say," bespoke Miz Raven to Old Mister Crow.

"Stop crowding me woudja?," cawed Crow as he shuffled his claws and inched right along the peak of that big old gabled house at the corner.

Idyllwild, CA. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney

I’ve got these two funny and adorable daughters, see, who are always cracking me up ☆♡♡☆

Flowers in the Dark Series.

Temecula. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney

Crepe Myrtle in Lalaland, a whole year ago ~!♡!~

Los Angeles. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney

Wishing a very, merry birthday to my mother today. Wish her well ♡

Tallahassee. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney

Crepe Myrtle in the sky on the 4th of July ~ Happy Independence Day, all and sundry!☆~*~☆¡ 

Tallahassee. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney

"Happy Independence Day, boys and girls!" pronounced Rosalee to the world around her. "And always remember: freedom here is for ALL the people… not merely for some of the people. The test is tough, but if you think hard enough, and open up your heart and mind, you’ll get the idea, I’m sure."

Redlands, CA. Copyright 2014 Laura Mauney